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Token Sale Platform to issue and manage Utility and Security token offerings on Ethereum, EOS and Stellar Blockchain platforms

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An ICO can offer utility of the issued tokens and thus it is the best option to raise funds. A major reason of ICO being favorite reason to raise funds today is because fund raising through ICO does not require any regulatory compliance.


A STO fundamentally does not require to have utility but has to offer returns to its investors by means of profit sharing or diluting equity. A STO can only be conducted in compliance with existing securities regulation defined by the jurisdiction.

Bounty & Airdrops

Bounty programs are incentives offered to an array of participants for various activities associated with an initial coin offering (ICO). Run bounty campagains and distribute tokens efficiently just importing excel, csv sheet .


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One stop Token sale platform to launch your ICO or STO

Initial Coin Offering

Intuitive and user friendly dashboard for your investors to participate in your token sales and acquire tokens.
The platform is built-in with marketing features like bounty and airdrop required to make an ICO/STO a big success.
Built-in admin dashboard to easily manage token sale activities and access handy analytics and insights .




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Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your dashboard have KYC integration?
Our Dashboards support a manual system of KYC and we can integrate any third party (Jumio / Civic / Sum and Substance / trulioo) according to client .
Do you have a bounty platform?
Our Dashboards also have an inbuilt bounty platform and client can Run bounty campagains and distribute tokens efficiently by just importing excel , csv sheet and json
Is the smart contracts can be created from admin dashboard and interact with them ?
Our dashboards have support for ERC20 , ERC223 , ERC721 , airdrop smart contract. You can also add your smart contracts and interact with them .
Does your platform supports wire transfers?
For wire transfer we have a added a option in contribution ,investor can check bank details , can add bank transaction and contact ICO/STO admin team
How long does it take to get a completely ready dashboard?
We can deliver you completely ready dashboard in 48hs once we have all the info` from you needed for the dashboard setup.
Does your dashboard have support for Facebook pixels and Google Analytics?
Yes, our dashboard have these integrated into them. You just need to enter your tracking ID into the necessary fields.
Does your dashboard have a referral system?
Yes, our dashboards support both 1 tier and 2 tier referral system according to client requirements.
Which mail service is used by your dashboard?
Our dashboards use aws ses mail service to send mails from the dashboard. We also support mailchimp, mailgun , sparkpost, mailterlite, sendgrid
Do you have support social media sign-ins/-ups?
Yes, Our dashboard support sign-in/-up using most of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc .

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