QuillHash Security Transfer Offering (QH20)

The QH20 is ERC20 Smart contract that serves multiple purposes for STO platform, support re-deployment of regulation service contract to change regulation also Kyc/Aml is done using smart contract, there are multiple parameters that can be used for KYC out of that email Id, phone no verification, Social media account verification is adopted for current scenario there are multiple levels according to which service regulation can be enforced. Smart contract also enable transparent and decentralised voting system only for valid Investors.


Security Tokens Offering (STO)

ERC20 based Smart contract

Regulatory Smart Contract

Force Transfer by Owner only

Dividend Distribution

Voting Through Smart Contracts

Regulatory Contract can be replaced any time by Owner, if Regulation of your country will get modified you can redeploy regulatory contract with checksum you can modify according to that

KYC through Smart Contracts(manual kyc, Email verification, Phone number Verification, Social Media verification,(manual verification is compulsory))

Transfer and transferfrom function call verify() of regulation contract to enforce regulation

Voting System is Decentralised and transparent

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