Real Estate Tokenization

Real estate has always been a center of information asymmetry, fear of trust and money laundering. But with blockchain solutions and real estate tokenization we are now able to resolve the conundrum.


Real estate tokenization ensures:

  • Liquidity through tokenization
  • Lower Investment Barrier
  • Governed and complied securities
  • Immutability of information

How real estate tokenization platform works:

Tokenization causes fractional ownership rights to an asset. In the field of real estate, tokenization makes illiquid assets liquid to affordable investors. This will help asset owners raise their capital in a more efficient way and in a transparent manner. We have created our platform more interesting. Please contact us.

Types of Real Estate Tokenization

Commercialization Real Estate Tokenization

Tokenizing commercial plots with completely legal compliance

Residential Real Estate
Residential Real Estate Tokenization

Tokenizing the fractional ownership of residential real estates with complete proof of work

How we engage you in real estate tokenization

  • Solution for management securities.
  • Whitelisting through Smart contract.
  • KYC and AML for investors and asset owners.
Security Token Offering
Security Token Offering
  • Creating an immutable ownership.
  • Marketplace for faster and safer transaction.
  • Establishes security standards between involved parties.
  • In real estate, the shares and bonds can be digitized and hosted for online trading and investing with decentralized access
  • Fractional asset creation.
  • Creating crowdsale of tokens.
  • Investment in tokenized assets.
ensures safety

How Tokenization ensures safety in real estate:

  • It is implemented over a ERC20 security token, which uses Ethereum blockchain network.
  • Sale of security tokens are sold through crowdsale or crowdfund programmes which have only verified investors.
  • For implementing blockchain based systems, the process will be well governed by regulations and compliances of global financial regulators.
  • Since real-estate tokens are backed by real assets, they are less prone to price fluctuations like other cryptocurrency.
  • Removes middleman in the process, therefore leads to lesser chances of fraudulence.
Benefits of real-estate

Benefits of real-estate Tokenization:

  • Security tokens are highly regulated and lesser chances of being forged.
  • Cost in the whole process drastically reduces as brokerage is nil.
  • Smaller assets can also be tokenized.
  • Investors can create their self-portfolio consisting of fractional ownership, instead of single property investment.

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