Intellectual Property Rights Tokenization

Intellectual Property Rights are now an important asset to all major industry players in protecting their ownership rights.Blockchain provides a global platform of tokenizing the rights of intangible assets and promotes IP licensing through smart contracts on an ERC20 tokenization platform.

Intellectual Property Rights


It reduces the time and cost for IP transactions through wide implementation of smart contracts which acts as digital legal aid in signing of mutual contract papers.


With a distributed and safe persona identification mechanism , it disallows middlemen to come in between and attack the uniqueness of the platform.


Protects rights of user.


Proof of participation mechanism creates a lot of opportunity for community contributors to create block.

Major Functionalities of the platform

A never touched market

IPs are always secrets or rather ownerships to creators, but partial ownership of IPs are a distant thought in the present world. With the boom of several new digital technologies like blockchain its no more a pain point for IP creators. It tokenizes IP rights and creates probabilities of partial ownership by legitimising rights to co-owners and owners.

easy protocol
Creating an easy protocol

In present day world, creating and licensing an IP is a cumbersome process. So this platform will provide the best and resolved pain points for users to establish and license their IP rights.

Creating a transparent record

Creating a transparent record is the need of the hour for IP creators. The platform will provide unique ownership, sellable identified co-ownerships and trackable transaction history on a distributed ledger platform, which goes untampered through the whole network.

Platform Business models

Distributed IP Ledger
Distributed IP Ledger
  • Blockchainizing information of IP.
  • IP ownership / licensing publication
  • Mapping the lifecycle of IPProtects the creator's right
IP trading network
Global P2P IP trading network
  • Platform for trading ownership.
  • No Need for Paper works.
  • Transparent Record.
Tokenization of IP
Tokenization of IP
  • Provides economic value on each IP.
  • Easier IP market participation for the public.
Community creation
Community creation
  • Community evaluating the IP.
  • Participation based Algorithm
  • Community finding undervalued IP.
  • Airdrops on Community contributors.
3rd party integration
3rd party integration
  • Integration with other Exchanges.

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