Gaming Assets Tokenization

The whole world is revolutionizing with new age Digital technologies. Managing assets is no more a hassle. Assets can be tokenized and made tradable in a manner.The revolution is much extended to the Gaming industry as well.

For Game Players

Players can truly own their content and generate revenue from their real economic activities. This enables true ownership of virtual items.

For Game Developers & Publishers

Fractional ownership of artworks in compliance with a set of standards and regulations.

Gaming Industry Problems

Lack of true ownership
Lack of true ownership

Players do not have true ownership of their in game assets. They cannot monetize out of it.

Publishers cannot monetize trades
Publishers cannot monetize trades

When players establish trade in separate ecosystems, the publishers lack their earnings from IP.

compensated no-money
Players not compensated well

Channels for exchanges are much less. Physical monetization is much of a pain!


More number of secondary markets to trade on gaming assets are leading to fraud.

Security of the environment

Online games are more viable to cyber threats leading to loss of identity.

How Tokenization Works

Step- 1

Acquire in game assets: Start playing games and acquire online assets that are offered while playing.

Step- 2

Personalised tokenization: The asset you acquired are worth value and are tokenized and issued as my blockchain assets.

Step- 3

Exchange of assets: You can share, buy or transact assets from your wallet to exchange.

Step- 4

Confirm payment amount: Get inline confirmation of your payment and payout.


How users are getting helped

  • Assets are saved on personal wallet and not in a centralised server.
  • Full ownership of assets.
  • Trade digital assets with other users.
  • Fair game competition with blockchain technology.
  • Public tracking in game history

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