Art Tokenization

The fine art market can be monetized digitally by help of digital tokens. With help of blockchain technology, we can tokenize an art-work. With help of crowdfunding and crowdsale events in the art industry, we can help talented and upcoming artists to raise their funds for artistry works. Also it will be easily tradable amongst the collector community who are passionate about art and culture curation.

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Benefits of Art-Tokenization

Blockchain Protection

The transparency and irreversibility feature of blockchain will provide copyright protection.


The track of records and chain of custody will prove your authenticity.

Fast reach and faster sales

Being on blockchain is a faster network to reach the tech-savvy investors and agile eyes who are always in search of niche investments.

Art Tokenization Strategy

The power of a distributed ledger and immutability of blockchain has helped to build a trustworthy trading platform for sectors like music, fine-arts and literature. We are a group of financial, legal and blockchain consultants who thrive to develop a better world for talents and their investors. We focus on evaluating a single token to be completely legally compliant. Thus building trust and ascertaining growth is the only motive in our user-friendly platform.

Scope of Art Tokenization

Commercial Gallery Tokenization

Fractional ownership of artworks in compliance with a set of standards and regulations.

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Single Art Tokenization

Tokenize your artwork and achieve more funds to accomplish it by crowdfunding.

Trophy Art Tokenization

Fractional ownership of artworks in compliance with a set of standards and regulations.

The Art Tokenization ecosystem


Artists need to create a digital identity of their artwork in a blockchain network.

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Gallery houses

They can smoothly conduct bids, auctions with proper provenance and chain of titles.


Passionate curators can purchase artworks with complete confidence.


Why QuillHash?

  • Multi- Protocol and Multi- Asset Token issuing
  • Professional Team
  • An easy-to-follow guide to tokenization
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Customized solutions for clients
  • Manual and Globalize KYC/AML
  • Platform performance monitoring reports.

Quillhash Art Tokenization Platform

  • Multi-Ledger Art token development.
  • Fractal Ownership.
  • Multi- Protocol and Multi- Asset Token issuing.
  • Improving the liquidity of artworks.
  • Easy to use and round the clock trading.
  • Decentralization and Secure Standards.
  • Ensures the Authenticity of Art.

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